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Private Sailing Yacht & Motor Yacht charter rate starts from 28,000 Thb. For more info go to Sailing Catamans     Thailand liveaboards visit world-class dive sites including Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock, Surin Islands and even to Burma Banks and Indonesia. Liveaboard trip starts from 12,900 THB per diver.. More    LINK 简体中文: 泰國南部船宿之旅   We offer a range of private sailing and motor catamarans and shared dive boats with great option prices, standard of luxury, duration and destination to accommodate your needs, budget and schedule. Some boats are best for the budget-minded travelers, while others cater to the serious divers seeking great dive services with luxurious pampering. Facility and service on all of our recommended boats are up to western standard including air-con cabins, western restrooms and Thai & Western dishes during your trip.


Similan Islands Lying north to south approximately 100km north of Phuket, consist of 9 islands and surrounding dive sites. On the east sides are beautiful white powder-sand slopes dramatically dropping from the beaches, some up to 30 meters or deeper, some covered with massive healthy coral reefs. Frequently visited for deep dives in the morning, west sides of the islands offer dynamic rocky formations. Some boulders rise from the bottom (30M or deeper) straight up to above water creating very exciting underwater landscapes for you to explore. Since the Similan  Islands are one of Thailand's National Parks, marine life are well protected and boast great variety. Some of them are very unique which can be sighted only in the area, very different from the other side of Malay Peninsula or Pacific Ocean. Try to count how many kinds of butterfly fish you can spot in one dive and meet various cousins of Nemo. Leopard Sharks and reef sharks, great barracudas are commonly seen in the morning dives and colorful reef fish, small stuff and occasional Napoleons are dwellers in the afternoon dive sites. Visibility: 20-40 meters+ Depth: 5-40 meters Current: mild - very strong Diver Level: advance and above, partially suitable for beginner Richelieu Rock is known as one of the world’s best place to swim with the Whale Shark. The top of this dive site is barely exposed only when low tide but with or without the shark, the vibrant underwater life and generally good visibility makes this dive site very popular. Koh Tachai is also known for large creatures and common but rich marine life.   Visibility:15-30 meters+ Depth: 5-35+ meters Current: mild - very strong Diver Level: advance and above Koh Bon as well as some of the dive sites in the Similans is known for Manta Rays encounter, where you might spend most of your bottom time with multiple mantas. The island also offers a great wall dive where leopard sharks and nurse sharks are common. Koh Bon’s West Ridge is one of the few sites in the region where it dramatically drops down to 30 meters+ in depth. Visibility: 15-30 meters+ Depth: 10-35+ meters Current: mild - strong Diver Level: advance and above, partially suitable for beginner