Divemaster Course

  Your adventure into the professional levels of recreational scuba diving begins with our latest PADI Divemaster program. Working closely with our Experienced PADI Instructors, in this program you expand your dive knowledge and hone your dive skills to the professional level. PADI Divemaster training develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers in all PADI courses. in 2016, we offer the following PADI Divemaster Course and PADI Pro programs for Advanced Certified Divers to reach their professional goal. There are 2 levels of training that you can achieve. Level 1 includes the overview of dive theories and skills, getting you ready to be a well trained Rescue Diver. Level 2 introduces advance dive management & rescue skills, preparing you to become a PADI Divemaster. Want more? Level 3 (if you choose to continue) follows to complete the PADI Instructor Development Course and dive leadership rank, preparing you to teach and certify scuba students either during your internship with us or in the real world employment.

Divemaster Course Basic

(for the experienced diver with 50 or more logged dives)

  • Price: from 29,900 THB Duration: 1-2 weeks
  • Inclusion: FREE accommodation, rental SCUBA and specialty equipment, pool, boat and shore training dives (maximum 10 dives).

Divemaster Course Standard

(for the diver with minimum 40 logged dives)

  • Price: from 35,900 THB Duration: 2-4 weeks
  • Inclusion: FREE accommodation, rental SCUBA and specialty equipment, pool, boat and shore training dives (maximum 20 dives).
2017 PADI Divemaster Basic Crew Pak: 420.00 AUD (save 20% by order online prior to your arrival, see details below) See below for better value training packages from Advanced Certified level.  

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Pro training for Advanced Certified Divers

Level 1 (duration: 1 weeks), price: 23,900 THB

Thien_RescPrerequisite: at least 18 years old, is healthy to participate in scuba diving, be able to swim non-stop for 200m, have basic aquatic skills in deep water, and have logged 15 or more dives.
  • Courses: PADI Rescue Diver + Emergency 1st Response (CPR/First AID/AED) + Emergency First Response Instructor
  • Ratings Achieve: 2 PADI certifications, 1 Instructor Certification
  • Include: tuition, hired dive equipment, your own PADI & EFR manuals for all of the courses, PADI & EFR Certification Cards, all training dives required to complete each course & be qualified for Level 2.
  • Not Include: EFR Instructor Application Fee (172 AUD, to be paid directly to PADI after your course)
Note: Have limited time and budget? You can choose our Basic Promo PADI Rescue Diver & EFR Courses and complete it in just 3 days, price is only 13,900 THB (same inclusions except for the Emergency First Response Instructor Course)  

Pro training for Rescue Divers

Level 2 (duration: 3-6 weeks), price: 47,700 THBOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Prerequisite: Certified as a Rescue Diver and have current CPR/First AID certification within 24 months, have logged at least 40 dives prior to starting the Divemaster Course, is cleared by a physician as healthy to participate in scuba diving.   Pro Courses: NEW 2016 PADI Divemaster Course + PADI Oxygen Provider Instructor + Deep Dive and Search & Recovery Training Ratings Achieve: 2 PADI Professional certifications Include: Tuition for all courses, your DM Crew Pak (Divemaster manual, 2015 Instructor Manual, Pro Log binder, Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving & Scuba Tune-up Workbook, DM slates), PADI Oxygen Provider Instructor Guide. Not include: your PADI professional fees (see detailed information below)
  • Optional: Begin Internship as a Divemaster after certification to gain experience

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PADI Professional Fees

Here are the PADI required costs that you will need to account for. In the PADI professional rank, all of the administrative processes are handled by the PADI Asia Pacific Office in Sydney, Australia. Your professional membership and certification fees are to be paid by you (via Credit Card) directly to PADI in Australian Dollars. They are as follow:
  1. PADI Divemaster Application Fee (pay to PADI after you are certify): 196 AUD
  2. Emergency First Response Instructor Fee (pay to PADI after you are certified): 172 AUD
  3. Specialty Instructor Rating (pay to PADI after you are certified): 98 AUD per rating

PADI Divemaster Crew Pak

Divemaster CrewpakAll DM candidates are required to have the latest PADI Divemaster Crew Pak  (PADI Product# 60020 or 60145) during and after their training. The crew Pak includes all required materials for the newly-revised Divemaster course including: Divemaster emblem, DSD Instructor cue cards, Divemaster Slates, Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, Divemaster Manual, Scuba Tune-up Guidebook,  PADI Professional Training log, PADI Instructor Manual, Divemaster Hologram, eRDPML. Candidate Special Price: 300.00 AUD (product# 60145) NOTE: (the DM Crew Pak is also included in the Divemaster Course Level 2 Pro Package)   To sign-up for the Divemaster Course Online and get started from home, save 2,000 THB off any DM course price. eLrn_Bnr_DM_10-440x80